Foresee Future Smartphone From CUBOT X9

By its unprecedented 6.9mm thin fuselage, balanced MTK6592 Octa-core processor and tremendous visual experience, CUBOT X9 Smartphone was once the shiniest star in cell phone market, even though months has been passed since its launch conference, X9 whirlwind is keep sweeping. We all acknowledge its excellence, however, on grand scale, will it the final edition of current smartphone? Obviously not.

Thinner fuselage
CUBOT X9 5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6592 1.3GHz Octa-core Smartphone

6.9mm thin fuselage, as a common feature of iPhone 6 and CUBOT X9 2GB RAM, has offered consumer extremely superb holding sensation already. Whereas, exactly as there is no thinnest only thinner, following 6.65mm smartphone from OPPO, 6.18mm thinness from HUAWEI, 6.45mm from Sony and 5.75mm from VIVO X3 launched subsequently, we can confirm that the smartphone we use around the corner is thinner but more comfortable to hold.

Better OS
CUBOT X9 5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6592 1.3GHz Octa-core Smartphone

In a way, user experience of smartphone operating system defines the winner. Whether equipping a terrific OS or not is now a reference point of any brand new smartphone. Why Apple is dominating smartphone contest can't not be separated with its exclusive iOS operating system, however, accompany with Flyme, MIUI and among any others developing rapidly, an exquisite, humanized, convenient and innovative OS will bound to be part of our smartphone in future.

Camera pixel contest
CUBOT X9 5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6592 1.3GHz Octa-core Smartphone

Despite of how revolutionized our future smartphone is, one thing we can for sure: the demand of selfie and shooting never cease. In this moment, undoubtedly 13.0MP rear camera derive from CUBOT X9 is more than enough, but as technology getting sophisticated while user's desire getting expanded, perhaps only 20.0MP, 30MP or even 40MP is passable to meet their demand.

Privacy safety
CUBOT X9 5-inch 2GB RAM MTK6592 1.3GHz Octa-core Smartphone

Smartphone is getting smarter, but information safety is getting poorer and poorer. Numerous privacy leaks happened on iCloud users are some famous scandal that enough to draw our attention. As a leader in this area, Blackberry designed several device to avoid risk of information leak successfully, however, that's obviously not a main steam now that nobody is willing to go back to keyboard and small screen era. Hence, any smartphone vendor which is able to gather safer privacy encryption and better ID protect will win the battle without all questions.

In short, nobody knows where everybody is, but it is a good news if future smartphone is developing in this direction.

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What's The Secret Behind Hot Sale Of Xiaomi Power Bank Protective Case?

Following a continuously soaring purchase tide, the sales figures of Protective Case For Xiaomi Power Bank will reach 1800 units without question by the end of this month. How come it got such confidence? The secrets hiding behind are obvious.
Original XIAOMI 5V 2A 10400mAh Power Bank For Smartphone

Of course, such a hot sale can not be separated with another hot stuff Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank disputably, which enjoyed approximately 9000 units sold since launched. As people's consciousness of offering ample protection to any device including their charger has strengthened, naturally, a protective case that designed exclusively will bound to be an optimum selection.
Original Protective Silicone Case For Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank

Not simply just superb suitability, the success of Xiaomi Power Bank Protective Case has its natural advantage--silicone, which is an upgrade in all aspects compare to plastic or rubber. Just about its adoption has sublimated adequate protection even better, freely can it maintain tough and durable protection from temperature minus 40 degree to 330, in other words, never will be useless under extreme condition. On the other hand, it is liberal to keep it brand new and fresh cleaning by cool water only, not even detergent be used any more, how environmental it is! Combine to aesthetic design with colorful coating, it is no exaggeration to say it 3 in 1 protective case.
Original Protective Silicone Case For Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank

If outstanding case like Original Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank Case comes with extreme low cost, surely it will be in dominant position among any others, in fact, it is. Accompany with 33% off cost compare to original price, more consumers can enjoy magnificent protective case in first class cost performance, no wonder it is now the center of all attentions.
Original Protective Silicone Case For Xiaomi 10400mAh Power Bank

In my kind of view, more than just cost-effective, Xiaomi Power Bank Protective Case was born to be practical without flashy outward. Simply just hold one case can you take a fully advantage as long as you wish because never will it having chemical reaction with water or oxygen, unlike plastic or rubber case, which will gradually become useless as time goes by.

One tiny investment can you own the perfect protective case for the power bank, can you find out a reason to refuse it? I doubt it.

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Tips To Secure Your Smartphone Safe

Ever since smartphone has gradually became an dispensable part in our daily life, even elder generation and children are start to rely them more. Whereas, more smartphone safety problem has been emerged rapidly as well, mobile payment loopholes, mobile long-distance positioning, personal information release problem among any others happens around us everyday. Can you actually feeling your smartphone extreme safe?
CUBOT ZORRO 001 5-inch MSM8916 1.2GHz Quad-core LTE Smartphone

We all acknowledge that Android smartphone market is the largest member in the market, hence, Android smartphones, for instance, CUBOT ZORRO 001 is more likely to suffer potential attack from hackers. Hence, every time you having any operations, you'd better pay 100 percentage to the safety problem as you may receive any false messages or fraudulence from emails every day. Don't easily click it into the link because virus can be spread out by one single unconscious action, more severely, your smartphone will be control by hackers even though it is thousands miles away from you. Any of your privacy will be stole and released without any resistance. Believe it or not, the consequence is catastrophically.
CUBOT S168 5-inch Android 4.4 MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphone

Moreover, even though your smartphone equipped with built-in enhanced Wifi transmission, like CUBOT S168, freely can you enjoy smooth surfing wherever and whenever possible. However, the wireless connection outside has became the best cultivation of virus and hackers. When scanning personal pages or information that require for password before entering, don't select "remember account" or "remember password" when surfing Internet using public Wifi. Surely making any network purchasing in public Wifi is discourage as well because your banking card number and password may be stole by criminals.

No matter how upscaled the smartphone you are possessing with, for example, CUBOT ZORRO 001 or CUBOT S168, without having good habit on utilizing your smartphone, your telephone contacts, accounts, banking numbers or even passwords will be steal imperceptibly. All in all, as long as keeping alert and come into being good habit, you can skip the invasion of those loopholes and virus.

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Capture Consumer's Heart By High Cost Performance

In my kind of notion, there are two methods to capture people's attention regarding to smartphone business, either it is the one with extreme large display screen and world's leading kernel, or it is the specified one with high cost performance. There is no doubt that upscaled smartphones with high configuration and performance are unaffordable for every one, especially for people who has less budget, seemingly high cost performance is the only shortcut to win more market share. In fact, it works.
Coolpad 7290 4.5-inch 3G 900/2100MHZ MTK6577 Dual-core Smartphone

As a young, I can understand the miserableness of not possessing a modern smartphone, well, in order to remedy this pity, Coolpad has launched their Coolpad 7290, which is so called the best high cost performance ever before, aiming at offering more enjoyment and pleasure to numerous consumers. Similar to any smartphone with better configuration, Coolpad 7290 equipped with proper dimension 4.5-inch display touch screen, which is either too large to store into any pocket or too small for interesting operation. Added to passable 854*480 resolution, you can feel its modern enchantment completely and follow the steps of main stream eventually. Furthermore, more innovative and revolutional element can be expressed through a decent Dual-core processor, which has enable sufficient fastness on handling multiple assignments or applications. Combine to diverse comprehensiveness, basically Coolpad 7290 is a standard modern smartphone surely.
Coolpad 7320 5.5-inch 900 2100MHz MTK6592 1.7GHz Octa-core Smartphone

Under this circumstance, you may curious about the retail price, which is close related to its cost performance and also the key to lead a hot sale. Came with less than USD70, barely can I found anything with higher cost performance in the market. Although Coolpad 7320 is just the latest product launched a couple of days ago, surely will it enjoy more reputation and sales around the corner.

Generally speaking, rather than being complex, Coolpad 7290 is nothing but high cost performance from top to bottom, in deed, it is the best weapon to attract attention, also the key leading itself to success.

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Helpful Advises On Choose Screen Protector

In someone's kind of notion, screen protector is an everlasting accessory that unnecessary to upgrade all the time, obviously, it is wrong, screen protector should be replaced in a regular period. Owning to the reason it is closely relate to the display effect and atmosphere, hence, needless to declare how important an appropriate screen protector is. Hopefully the below tips will be helpful when choosing the best one.
 DOOGEE DG350 screen protector

Strict specification. No matter what kind of smartphone you are using to, finding the specified screen protector is crucial because it is the only one fits the screen tightly and properly. DOOGEE DG350 screen protector is the one suitable for DG350 properly, thanks to precise cut and dimension, no modification is needed to made before stick it on your lovely device. On the other hands, strict tailor-made dimension can protect every single inch of the display touch screen becomingly, offering continuous resistance against finger print, greasy and scratch by a wide margin.
 DOOGEE DG350 screen protector

Transparency. More than just play an important role as guardian, screen protector and display effect is closely bound up, for instance, DOOGEE DG450 Screen Protector. Only when possessing with 100 percentage transparency will it not bother such a legible and vivid display effect, broader visual presenting in front of consumers. Moreover, because of elaborate craftwork and design, more radiation will be reduced effectively even reading in depth, which enhanced the reading environment substantially.
 DOOGEE DG550 Screen Protector

Easy to install and remove. Frankly speaking, dissimilar to ordinary screen protector which melted itself into display glass after exposing under strong sunlight or using for long time, DOOGEE DG550 Screen Protector is special and unique that will not having any chemical reaction even under extreme conditions, you can reset assured to apply it on your device indeed.

As display window is an "eye" for your upscaled cell phone, choosing the most appropriate screen protector helps extending its enjoyment and lifespan. By giving them utmost protection and elaborate care will they pay more back in return, surely it is a win-win measure.

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DOOGEE--Visual Feast

As an international smartphone manufacturer who signed cooperative contract with Villarreal CF Club, which is a traditional football team in Spain League, the popularity of DOOGEE is getting hotter and hotter, reviewing the history of its development, seems that aesthetic element is the only common you can find out in every single creation.

Sleek outward. As an important section that giving consumers attractive first impression, the design of DOOGEE DG350 and DOOGEE DG800 is flawless in a way. DG350 adopted special pattern as back case, added to jake white and classic black two main colors, express its enchantment inside out. Meanwhile, DG800 has drove in different colors in every single cell phone. Any colors available are special and unique that stands for different feeling every different day, just like switching your dressing everyday. Despite of completely dissimilar appearance, both of them are beautiful, pretty impressive by first glance only. No wonder they are so called the most aesthetic smartphone ever before.

Touchable screen. Thanks to the discrepancy of display panel dimension, DOOGEE DG350 and DOOGEE DG800 are slightly dissimilar in the aspect of display screen. DG800 equipped with 4.5-inch display panel with resolution of 960*540 pixels, while the configuration of DG350 is slightly higher. However, both of them enable legible display effect and tremendous atmosphere every time you play high-requirement games or high definition movies. Besides, its hand-touching when operating anything via touchable screen is smooth and fluent, approximately as good as those famous smartphone brand, like iPhone. Seeing is believing, once hold it in your hand and play with it, you will find out the difference directly.

 DOOGEE DG800Professional camera. If you are still worry about buying a new digital camera with upscaled, don't hesitate, choose DOOGEE because of its excellence. Both of them especially DOOGEE DG800 has a built-in unprecedent 8.0MP+13.0MP camera combination, which is the highest camera combination you can find out among the market. Every single snapshot you capture is as professional as real photographer, surely it is the best camera for people who fancy auto heterodyne substantially.

Overall, the more you get well in touch with the above two beautiful smartphones, the more aesthetic element you can discover. Without a doubt, the entire usage of such a gorgeous smartphone is pleasure and enjoyable, you deserve to share this enjoyment.

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Are you still use a wireless headset You might be out!

Waterproof Shockproof Speaker

Are your ears not comfortable as a consequence of bluetooth headset? Do you think you're wish to free your current hearing? A good-quality phone speaker could remedy these complaints. Today let me expose three speakers with assorted benefits.

You may satisfy it that after you're using the pc or hearing audio, a person carelessly put h2o for your table or perhaps personal computer. In the event you has a Waterproof Shockproof Speaker, it can eradicate your current be concerned. The cost of it's positive with 5% discounted. It's not only water-resistant, and also it can be dustproof, anti-scratch, shockproof, so it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise. It's extremely lightweight that you could very portable the idea when you're out there regarding camping, party and so on. Thus great it really is!
Cube Portable Stereo Speaker
Cube Portable Stereo Speaker features typically cuboid body, nevertheless its tone top quality is actually wonderful. It can be well suited for those who be more conscious of songs. The actual seem is fantastic since home theater if you see a motion picture and is realistic while enjoying video games. You may enjoy this by utilizing many different units since it helps most widespread worldwide configure 3.5mm sound output and also Bluetooth connectivity units. In fact it is hands-free along with buit-in microphone to have a chat by simply tone of voice and online video as well as report your current music.
beatbox bluetooth speaker
beatbox bluetooth speaker will be even more light and portable compared to first. It is easy to carry and possesses excellent firmness high quality eventhough it isn't water-proof as well as shockproof. With this settings, the value is the cheapest of those 3. It has several jello colors: orange, natural, red, white and yellow. All these colors seems lively as well as distinctive to behave your own personality.

It will likely be pleasurable when you tune in to songs, sing music, watch movies and also enjoy online games in case you possess a presenter. For me, the particular waterproof shockproof phone speaker is a most suitable option on this which includes enough benefits of satisfy the need for most people.